Jesus temple cleansing

easter, ascension, pentacost

Two millennia ago it has already been made very clear that the GoldMorgs must be besided out of power to free the people from exploitation, suppression, povery and slavery and the huge maham that the GoldMorgs will organize if they are not being besided out of power.


Please inform all the people you can about these warnings.



betriffende Tempelreinigung  



The most important is public knowledge that is being ignored and the true nature of the GoldMorgs has been published on the internet to the world by now.

Seeing blind and hearing deaf, a crowd of idiots despite the knowledge and the opportunity together to turn away from the road down to our unimaginable terrible suffering extermination by the GoldMorgs.


The GoldMorgs and their masses of GoldMorgSluts, murder Jesus every day and betray the people all the time, for a handout of Judas-coins.

The politicians, the CEO's and the churches all dirt on Jesus every day.

With that they betray christianity, socialism, liberalism and democracy.

They are in fact neither christian nor socialist nor liberal nor democrat.


Jesus made it very clear two millenia ago (tempelcleansing): Put the GoldMorgs aside out of power.


The GoldMorgs are the bunch of the superlootingprofitfundamentalistic talmudic wallstreets financial elite families. Talmud:


The GoldMorgs of anno zero 33 immediately started a slandercampain against Jesus and had him executed, with the support of the talmudic pharisee (politicians) and Pontius Pilatus ("judge") and the stupid brain-washed people. Alike easy at present are the people ready to plunge themselves into etnic cleansing and civil war or allow their ‘deomcratic” governments to stimulate such elsewhere.

After 14'000 eg 20'000 eg 100'000 ceremonial days on these warnings, the situation is becoming worse and worse. The GoldMorgs are allowed to increase their powers all the time. Ash-wensday +easter +ascension days +whitsun/pentecost +corpus christy day, totals 7 days,, +Christmas +epiphany, =10 days,, +40 fasting days before totals 50 days, total easter time is also 50 days, these days times 2'000 = 14’000 eg 20’000 eg 100’000

The politicians, the CEO's and the churches murder Jesus every day again. Jesus has risen from death and lives eternally. So he can be murdered every day again. By now that is more than 3/4 million days.


Jesus proclaimed that he sacrified his blood and body

to liberate the people

and relieve the people from sin.

The GoldMorgs of those days were the source of sin and the people multiplied and multiply sin by following the GoldMorgs of two milleniae ago and the present GoldMorgs.

Jesus did so with the tempelcleansing. For that he was executed and stabbed and his bload gushed out of the stabbing.

With the templecleansing, Jesus showed the people how to free themselves from suppression, exploitation, poverty and slavery (by the GoldMorgs).

And he showed that the pharisee (the politicians) are the evil betrayers.


And how after two millenia things are developing to the worse.

The GoldMorgs own and rule the newspapers and tv-channels and so rule what and who the people know and vote. So almost all politicians kneel for the GoldMorgs and serve them in every imaginable way. Almost all politicians break their oth and betray the people wich they should represent. So the GoldMorgs rule the USA and the GoldMorgskolony Netherlands of Diederick Samson and almost also Germany.

It is a perfectionised fake-democratic GoldMorgs plutocracy.


Islam rules that one tenth of income is to be for the poor (talat). Shiism rules that, on top of that, one fith of the income of the wealthy is for good common purposes. Islam prohibits usury. Islam prohibits the GoldMorgs usury. Mohammed is in fact the greatest friend of Jesus. Aisha, the young honor-wife of Mohammed, registrated/wrote most of the Koran and so is also the greatest friend of Jesus. The Islam and Koran, in particular Shiism, is good socialism, not the falsifications by Saoud, is a more explicit version of the bible, in particular on the temple cleansing, the most explicit and final proclamation by Jesus.


Jesus showed ;; “beside the GoldMorgs out of business immediately at once.”

Mohammed eg Aisha eg Koran ;; “no penny to the GoldMorgs.”


That is why the GoldMorgs are doing most efforts to root out Islam, in particular Shiism, and are working on the outrooting of Christianity. Shiism is in Afghanistan, Iran and south-Irak, that has for eternally been polluted with DEPU, also to mask the fieldtesting deployment of numerous mininukes. Afghanistan has been altered into a heroin-tsunami. Ghomeiny and Saddam were tools to destroy Shiism. Imagine that, with the income of their abundant oil and gas, the Shii shaped their region in a kind of paradise. Afghanistan sure could be, sunny dry, few pests, healthy, abundant water from the mountains, in the summer cool up there in the mountains. Abundant minerals to export.


Imagine that christians with socialism shaped their region in a kind of paradise. That is why Hitler, Stalin and Mao were tools to destroy (christian) good socialism be deforming it into a desaster; national socialism as well as communism. Hitler was not a real german and was surrounded by people of a particular small confessional minority, in fact an even smaller minority, the talmudi, who where connected with the USA GoldMorgs. Stalin was not a Russian but from khazar Georgia and also surrounded by talmudi. Mao looked very different from the average chinese.


The talmudic GoldMorgs and their seat USA profited very much from Hitler, Stalin and Mao and the two world wars, that enabled the USA to gain the dominant position in the world. The Netherlands served the GoldMorgs very well in both the world wars and after, also in the present banking- and eurocrisis. At present a specific confessional small minority is being hunderdfold overrepresantated in the dutch kabinet and coalition in the parliament, including Diederick Samson. They are all GoldMorgsSluts, as are almost all politicians and ranking people at the newspapers, tv-channels, banks, etc. in the USA.


Until 1990 the wealth of the working people was the better the nearer to the Sovjet, splendid in occupied West Germany, to keep the people from communism. After 1990, after the end of the Sovjet, this was out of need for the GoldMorgs. The socialistic politics were and are invested by people from the small confessional minority, who persistently ignore that the GoldMorgs and other talmudi will easily sacrifice them like the holocaust victims were sacrificed by the GoldMorgs. Most of those would not have become victim of starvation, cold, cholera and typhoid in the camps if the english 1944 operation near Arnhem had succeeded. As well are the GoldMorgs willing to have a Russian missile hijacked and fired on Tel Aviv to blaim and subdue Russia, get rid of Putin’s government and share the natural resources with their talmudic russian friends, like the types in Kiev. The british troops could have had a rather fast drive to Berlin and byond in 1944, with the crypto-support of many german commanders who neither favored idiot Hitler nor the ongoing intervention by Stalin. But the british operation near Arnhem to capture the bridge across the river Rine has been betrayed. Indications and the motive points to the USA GoldMorgs. The GoldMorgs USA wanted to "liberate" and occupy Germany themselves and did not mind sacrificing eastern europe to their stalinistic friends.


At present the GoldMorgs are driving to destroy the EU and its economy, in particular Germany. The banking- and eurocrisis was a first blast. The supply of oil and gas to the EU is being sabotaged, with the cooperation of the betraying governments in the EU. During the last years the sabotage has been established in North Afrika, Egypt/Suezkanal, Syria/alternative pipeline traject, Ukrain/Russia. Substantial sabotage of the energy supplies will cause a final destruction of the EU economy, in particular the German economy. Etnic Cleansing is being seeded by dutch Wilders, france Le Pen, etc. as a preparation for civil war on top of the preceeding destruction of the economies, to achieve total destruction. Destruction of the big customer EU will destroy the present stability in Russia and China and leave China stuck with GoldMorgs USA as the sole customer. Ruined Germany will supply USA with abundant skilled engineering scienctists and other scientists.  That supply after 1945 and its first generation of pupils has disapeared into retirement and the supply out of India is disappointing and far from sufficient.


But it would be a huge mistake of the USA people to expect anything wealth and welbeing from their USA GoldMorgs. Etnic cleansing is being prepared and always turns into civil war that leaves the people a huge distance below the ruling elite that always escapes the miseries of war and prospers on it. Civil war is the ultimate machiavellistic tool of the elite to re-establish their ruling position way above the people. One purpose of Irak was a realistic (mental) training of more than a million predominantly white violent-eager troops for violent suppression of armed crowds. Notice that at average every USA citicen has more than one gun, most rifles and many semi automatic rifles. Seven billion dumdum bullets are being distribute among homeland forces and police, as well as a tenth million armoured vehicles. Dumdum bullets are little effective to criminals with jackets and armoured cars but almost always mortal to civillians. Fema camps for fity million have been prepared and sufficient plastic coffins have been stacked to tip two hundred million corpses in the industrial municipal waste incenerators that are being operated all over the nation. This is a capacity of armed violent crowd collectors, concentration camps and corps-incinerators multiple times above what Hilter ever has plotted or realized. The GoldMorgs newspapers and tv-channels did not and will not mention about it when such a huge operation is being rolled out over the USA. The remaining people will be absolutely be subdued in fear as slaves for the GoldMorgs. It will turn into either becoming a subdued scared poor slave under absolute control with implanted chips or ending in the incinerator sooner than later.


The behavior in the past and present is the most reliable predictor of the future behavior, according to Dr. Phil. The GoldMorgs instigated the large wars and crisisses in the world. It is idiot to expect any nice future from the GoldMorgs, that evil superlooting profitfundamentalistic talmudic bunch of wallstreets financial elite families.


The ring of surviving population around the USA GoldMorgs will not have a nice life but will be kept in poverty to be kept subdued. On the Georgia Guidestones has been proclaimed ; half a billion people. The GoldMorgs have a soon extermination of the rest of the world population in mind. They ordered one of the tools to be developed in Rotterdam in 2012, in their GoldMorgsColony Netherlands ; an exterminative variety of the birdflue. The big GoldMorgs holocaust on six billion this time. As a multiple scientist I predict it will not proceed rapidly but will probably alter into a very ugly process that drags on for decades, causing a dirty war against the USA, that only the GoldMorgs will live through in comfort. The GoldMorgs have in common with cockroaches that they thrive on destruction and decay but differ on the point that the GoldMorgs themselves establish the destruction and decay that they thrive on.


Don't mix up the talmud with the thora, neither the talmudi with the j-word or the z-word. That is the huge mistake that most anti-GoldMorgs eg anti-talmudi make. The talmudi are by far the worst antisemitists. It seems to have been written in the talmud. The talmudi are ordered to consider all other people of lower degree wich can and should be exploited and disposed, similar to our exploitation and slaughter of animals in the bio-industry. In particular the talmudic GoldMorgs consider the mass of GoldMorgsSluts to be disposed after exploitation because they have proofed to be the ultimate betrayers, also not reliable for the GoldMorgs.


And Jesus two millenia ago set an example of what to do with the evil superlooting profitfundamentalistic talmudic bunch of wallstreets financial elite families.


Every year memorial days on that; easter, ascension and soon pentecost 2014

100’000 memorial days should have been enough.


Yours truly sincerely



the prophecies


The prophecies are what inevitably will happen because the people are idiots who ignore the marvelous example that Jesus showed and allow and even support more and more power to the GoldMorgs all the time instead of besiding them out of power.

The GoldMorgs are the bunch of infamous evil superlooting profitfundamentalistic talmudic wallstreets finance elite families.

Soon after the temple cleansing and the execution of Jesus and the miracles, the prophets understood that the people were eternally going to ignore the marvelous example that Jesus showed and his execution for that. The prophets understood that the GoldMorgs were eventually going to organise worse maham than the wars that were known at those days, to reinforce and expand their GoldMorgs power and wealth. Jesus and the prophets understood the principles of machiavellism very well and long before Machiavelly published about them. Rude steel has a silverlike look and was the strongest material made in those days. A volcanic eruption was the most impressive sudden maham that was known at those days. A rain of fire by a swarm of metallic birds was the worst artificial sudden destructive maham that the prophets could imagine two millennia ago, to be eventually organized by the obvious powerfull, the GoldMorgs of those days.


The prophecied pests

 The GoldMorgs ordered the Rotterdam Netherlands proliferation in 2012 of a etnocide genocide variety of the bird flue that will kill billions if released, according to the Rotterdam proliferators.



The prophecied rain of fire from a swarm of silver birds.

We experienced in the second world war and the wars after, but::


At present the GoldMorgs have or are establishing their own hidden doomsday airforce (in Argentine or stacked in bulk-carriers?) that can blast all civilization worldwide, while leaving the GoldMorgs alive with a sufficient crowd of slaves who are going to be subdued with enduring poverty and modern-tech absolute control. A very manouverable prototype of the flying wing has been spotted while landing on Rotterdam airport a decade ago, much more efficient, cheaper effective and stealth than the B2. It has a span as large as 40 to 50m with one engine inside left and right and a wing-thickness of up to several meters. Constructed of non-metallics it can fly stealth on liquid hydrogen at heights above thirty kilometers with ranges byond seventy megameters without refuelling and with a payload of twenty megagrams eg two thousand or up to seven thousand mininukes. The wing-volume, engines and engine ducts have been optimized for flying in the thin high air where the resistance is low. These properties also enable very low take-of and landing speeds eg the use of very short improvised strips, eventually on transformed large container carriers and with disposable trusters to support the take-of. The engines and the wings only have to last for up to two hundred hours and can be constructed much lighter than the engines and wings for commercial aircraft or usual military aircraft. Hundred up to three hunderd of these flying wings can distribute a fifth million up to two million mininukes that hit their targets at the same time. This GoldMorgs doomsday airforce can whipe out all nations that the GoldMorgs want to whipe out at the same time, can whipe out all their delivery platforms, factories and infrastructure and whatever. Most of the population can be exterminated at once while the environment of the GoldMorgs is not destroyed with fall-out or a nuclear winter. That is possible with neutron bombs, that most types of mininukes are. The mininukes can be distributed from thirty kilometers or higher without being noticed. The mininukes can sail around on automatic parasails for up to three days until they hit their preprogrammed targets during the preprogrammed time-window.


The real partizans of have pointed to the ample information on the internet about mininukes. The W54 is already half a century old and weighed only about twenty kilo’s. One kilo plutonium seems to be sufficient for a nuke. Also only one kilo of the abundant commercial plutonium, that has been processed in La Hague and Sellafield etc. out of the spent fuel from the many nuclear power plants, seems to be sufficient. Combined with a half up to one kilo of modern high-velocity explosives it would fit in a beercan. A shell / container and an automatic parasail would add little weigth. 2 till 4 mm of QS1100L can contain 300 up to 700 bar pressure.

How much D2 can be squeezed into half a kilo of nanoparticulate porous plutonium, and how much D2 at liquifying temperatures? The aircrafts fuel is liquid H2 anyway and D2 is available for less than thousand dollars a liter. How high can the D2 boost the yield and how much can the D2 lower the critical mass? Below 100g ? That would implicate a much smaller plutonium core that requires much less explosives for sufficient compression or geometric concentration up to prompt criticality and the fusion of D2 would enhance the limited fission of Pu. Sure the Iranian scientist, who are in average much smarter than the American scientists, have already developed. Einstein looked astonishing similar to many Iranians.

None of the mysterious higher transuranes (Z 111, “red mercury”, “nuclear mercury”. Etc.) would be required for a small critical mass or as a fuse. The secret production of higher transuranes is already running for decades and the required amounts are small but the concentration out of the radiated breeding fuel is expensive because of the instability keeps the breeded concentrations very low, criticality has to be avoided during the process of concentration and the high rate of decay and radiation causes the stuf to be very expensive to handle and to be very detectable. May be that an aircraft with a payload of thousands of mininukes with cores or pits of that stuff will be easier to detect than the sun.


The other prophecies of misery

The massive whipe-out by the GoldMorgs doomsday swarm would leave maham and massive starving by hunger and epidemics. The maham, starvation and epidemics after a limited event such as the whipe-out of the electric grid is already unsterstood as a monstrous threat but the required very limited precaution measures are persistently being omitted eg blocked by the establishment, ruled by the GoldMorgs. The whipe-out of the electric grid seems to require only a limited event such as a strong sunflare or a limited attack or an extensive computervirus.


The GoldMorgs have ample financial recources for their doomsday airforce. 300 flying wings can be constructed for less than hundred billion dollar or euro. Half a trillion has also become very affordable for the GoldMorgs. A fifth million up to two million mininukes would require somewhere between two hundred billion and two trillion dollar or euro. The GoldMorgs managed to grab an estimated byond five trillion with their banking- and eurocrisis. Twenty trillion dollars and euro’s have been floated in response to the GoldMorgs banking crisis, without much money becoming available for the millions of (small) companies and the many millions of consumers. It all disappeared and is being mentioned to be absorbed by the megabanks and alike. The GoldMorgs can have very well tapped several trillions from the floated twenty trillions. The GoldMorgs can very well afford two trillions for their doomsday airforce. And the public will not be alarmed because the GoldMorgs own and absolutely rule the newspapers, tv-channels and internet such as searching machines, email-providers and social media websites.


The GoldMorgs doomsday airforce must be tracked and nihilated now and the GoldMorgs must be besided out of power now.


The GoldMorgs are developing towards world-power, the huge extermination and the enduring poverty to keep the remaining people subdued, similar to India where the people are too much busy with surving and also too much poor for such as ‘occupy’ and “we are change” or “no GMO”, “no TTIP” and “no IsTA”. Also India has an anti-social president now who is liked by the GoldMorgs and the most of India is without social confessions such as christianity, islam or budism. India had multiple decades of brittannisation, “modernization” and “democracy”. But most people in India remained very poor, a development that the GoldMorgs seem to love. It is obvious why China is improving much faster than India and why the GoldMorgs prefer India.


Jesus temple cleansing

easter, ascension, pentacost

Two millenniae ago it has already been made very clear that the GoldMorgs must be besided out of power, to free the people from exploitation, suppression, povery and slavery and the huge maham that the GoldMorgs will organize if they are not being besided out of power.


Please inform all the people you can about these warnings.



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betriffende Tempelreinigung




some more about the miserable evil usa GoldMorgs

Much info en many links to other websites.



The GoldMorgs, the usa GoldMorgs, are the group of ultra rich bankster bankster families behind the walltstreet bankster banks. We do not care if they are white moonmen, green marsians, yellow mercurians or whatever. We care that they engineer and engineered the big crises and wars. The usa GoldMorgs manage a network of thinktanks to develop their evil engineering. We expect the expanding of the parliaments to ten times as many members to be the best measure to contain the evil GoldMorgs. We have now established the authorial rights etc. on the word GoldMorgs during several years with the website

The evil usa GoldMorgs rule the financial system and the newspapers and tv-channels. They rule what and who the people know and vote. So the usa GoldMorgs rule the politicians and everything, not the details, but the main developments.


The usa GoldMorgs create mortal dangers to the Israeli's in particular, other jews, christians and the people in common. The usa GoldMorgs NATO Afghan heroin and opium tsunami that also floods Iran keeps millions of (hyper)active youngsters busy and so enables the Khomeiny regime to stay in power. It is claimed that this regime is acquiring a nuclear arsenal that poses a mortal threat to Israel. It would not be the first time that the policy of the usa GoldMorgs causes mortal dangers to Israel and jews. It has become public that the usa GoldMorgs servant services have supplied the fresh Khomeiny regime with loads of modern rifles and the identities of ten thousands of followers of the communist party. Many of them were shot or hanged and the uprisings were suppressed. Saddam was stuffed to banana's with mustard gas and other chemical warfare by predominantly, according to the UN report, some dutch servants of the usa GoldMorgs. The long terrible chemical war with Saddam enabled the Khomeiny regime to root very deep and wide and has made the Iranian people suspicious about the intentions of other nations.


The stuffing of Saddam with mustard gas also altered Saddam into a mortal danger to Israel. The deployment of all NATO in 1991 was claimed to contain Saddam. A large usa force occupied Iraq in 2003, with the support of some nato-allies. The cumulative expenses of these actions for the usa are calculated to grow beyond six trillion dollars. The usa GoldMorgs neither mustard gas netherlands are going to pay this bill but the usa tax-payers are. Those are not the wealthy who enjoy a kind of tax haven but the working people. The damage and misery to Iraq is much larger and including the harmful international developments, the total bill can be estimated beyond a hundred trillion dollars.


The usa GoldMorgs are also responsible for the tragedy of the creation of Israel as a homeland for jews in a region with regimes that stir and apply machiavellistic hostility against Israel. During Hitler the ships with jewish refugees were not welcome to the GoldMorgs USA. Neither was a nice peaceful homeland established in a part of California or whatever. California was still not so populated in those years. Neither is at present SW Australia. It would be a much cheaper solution and much nicer for the Israeli than the defense of Israel against neighbors that develop increasing danger.


Hitler was also a vector of the usa GoldMorgs, as were Saddam, Khomeiny, Pol Pot, Mao, Stalin and Lenin. They were somehow educated Machiavellism in some kind of GoldMorgs institution and financed by the usa GoldMorgs. The usa GoldMorgs can be seen as the engineeres of a range of crises and wars:

~~The Waterloo for Napoleon in 1815, ~~the amerikan revolution in 1775, ~~the american civil war in 1861, ~~the russian revolution, ~~the sly establishment of the so called independent but GoldMorgs federal reserve on 20 Dec 1913, ~~the assassination of JFK shortly after JFK altered the dollar printing to the federal usa state, this was re-altered shortly after JFK, AND ~~WW I, ~~the 1933 crisis, ~~Stalin, ~~Hitler, ~~WW II, ~~the holocaust on millions of jews and two hundred million christians by Hitler and Stalin, ~~the 1990 disintegration of the Soviet, ~~the looting of that region during Yeltsin, ~~the Ruble crisis, keeping the EU from immediate integration of the Kaukasian republic, with behind it the Kazach oil and Turkmen gas, ~~911, ~~the false Bush bombing, occupation and mutilation of Afghanistan and Iraq, ~~the opium and heroin tsunami that mutilates Afghanistan and neighbors, ~~the so called banking and euro crisis, ~~the establishment of islamist rule in North Afrika and the region from Cairo to Almaty, that also is floating on oil and hovering on gas, ~~the coming long closure of the Persian Gulf, ~~the coming destruction of the German economy and social security.


The intention of the usa GoldMorgs is to reduce the wealth of the EU and usa population with 80% eg a factor five. The usa GoldMorgs are not afraid any more that the population turns to communism. At present, for the usa GoldMorgs, the wealth of the population has become expendable. The philosophy of the usa GoldMorgs is that poor populations are easier to rule. Poor people are occupied with the struggle for life and have no resources to bother the establishment. People with hungry children at home will work hard all long days for a few slices of bread only. A poor USA and EU population will also stop spreading wealth and power to other nations, the nations that supply oil and gas or cheap products.


We can notice the preparations against the expected revolts in the process of impoverishment. The abuse of Iraq as a realistic exercise ground to train two million violent eager white on the armed suppression of colored revolting crowds. The huge capacity of fema camps, the huge stockpiles of plastic coffins, suitable for the large municipal waste incinerators, the distribution among homeland militia and police of seven billion dumdum bullets and up to a hundred thousand armored vehicles. The establishment is good at conspiring to exploit the people. They dislike work and most of them are not able to learn a real profession and supply any constructive contribution. Many of them are born retarded or have become (more) retarded by drinking and sniffing. The intended 80% reduction of the wealth is also an easy way to reduce the environmental footprint, leaving ample space for the exploiting establishment for easy maintaining and enjoying their private wealth.



After WW II the engineering of misery by the GoldMorgs did not end, was not limited to the cold war and last decade the GoldMorgs agression is increasing. The engineering of 911 as a pretext to rip the civil rights from the citizens and bomb and invade Afghanistan and Iraq to abuse for training two million violence aeger individuals. The engineering of the banking- and eurocrisis. During the banking krisis the GoldMorgs exerted huge shortcrash attacks on the dutch bank ING  in effort to create a hundred times worse banking crisis. Recently the GoldMorgs instigated the development, production, testing and partial publication of the EWMMM in Rotterdam.


Recently the GoldMorgs instigated the completion of the development of warheads that can surf eight thousand km within ten minutes, through the upper stratosphere, with erratic unpredictable trajectories and still pinpoint a target as precisely as flying in through a window. It is a very aggressive development.


The Chelyabinsk event, known in public as a meteorite. Statistic considerations prove that it was an attack engineered by the evil usa GoldMorgs. The probability that it was a meteorite is once in the one million times million years, once in trillion years. Near Chelyabinsk is the largest stockpile of radioactive materials on earth. A full hit would have been a Fukushima to the power ten. Do the smoke trails of a meteorite really look like what was visible above Chelyabinsk? Does a meteorite really end in a flash like that? Nice very tail. There are also video recordings of an event above Japan on the same day. Those look very much like a nuclear missile being destroyed by an interceptor with a directional neutron bomb.

The most probable is that Siberian supermissiles have been hijacked, re-equipped and launched, on instigation of the evil usa GoldMorgs and have been intercepted by the Russians themselves. We warned long before for such a super 911 by the evil usa GoldMorgs. The hijacking was possible with the BT3, a secret model stealth flying wing with a special tail for superb manouvrability und use of improvised airstrips. The wing with integrated engines and a span similar to the Airbus 320 has a range of twenty megameters with twenty megagrams payload and can fly at a height of only ten meters.

Perhaps already several hundred have been secretly built and parked in south argentina Perhaps also tenths of southands of usa Iranians have been trained secretly. It would enable to occupy iran overnight.

The GoldMorgs objective of hijacking and launching Siberian missiles would be to create a super 911 and to subdue Russia and occupy and exploit Siberia, like the GoldMorgs vector hitler enabled the GoldMorgs to subdue and occupy Germany. Siberia is the traesure room of the world next to neighbouring supercustomer China and other Asia.


The GoldMorgs lead the USA to very aggressive policy.

The USA citizens have been convinced with huge lies,   also around  911,

before the first destruction of Irak in 1991 and the destructive occupation in 2003

copu paste url  

see also     en     

Barosso,  Draghi  and  Monti,   a mortal trio of GoldMorgs servants.

 Barosso shows with Bush on the illegal destructive occupation of Irak

 With the ESM  Draghi  and  Monti   tried a coup for the GoldMorgs, to loot Germany.   The coup tools of the ESM were halted by the german constitutional court BundesVerfassungsGericht, BVerfG, with its verdict on Sep 12 of 2012. The BVerfG chopped the GoldMorgs ESM tentakles that reached for the german trillions. But the GoldMorgs will never give up. Beware.

See also   The website      might be exaggerated but contains very much true things also.



The GoldMorgs menace also rules in science.  GoldMorg serving scientists and engineers are rewarded. Why half a century worldwide propaganda for Einstein while Lorenz developed the relativity theory and the recent and understandable Kyrgyzstan formula and theory about relativity are absolutely persistently ignored, see www.222.Lu   Was it really such a progress for science ? to mystify the relativity theory with a system of ten differential equations, that perhaps no one really understands. Was E=mc2 really such a scientific achievment ? E=mc2 is nothing more than E=1/2mv2 with its opposite reaction and at the ultimate speed of light and energy transmission. Why is it persistently kept silent ? that Einstein looks very much like an Iranian. Why it is kept silent that the numbers 1 to 9 are similar to the persian ?




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betriffende Tempelreinigung